Resources for Islanders

Resources for Islanders

hands-reaching150x150The Islanders for Islanders Fund, a collaboration of the churches of Fishers Island, is designed to help island families and individuals with food expenses and utility bills through the winter season. The Islanders for Islanders Fund also makes available a supply of non-perishable foods from October through May at Union Chapel, healthy snacks for school children, as well as assistance buying non-perishables at the island market.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Candace Whitman for a confidential conversation regarding your need. To reach Candy, please call 631-788-7029 (messages are completely private) or email her at To “shop our shelves,” please come to Union Chapel during office hours or by appointment.


If you wish to donate food in the fall, please call the church to arrange a drop off time. We appreciate your help in filling our food bank.  Specific needs include healthy options such as canned meats and fish, canned milk, soup, peanut butter, whole grains, juice and school snacks.  We appreciate your checking expiration dates before donating.

The Islanders for Islanders Fund comprises financial support from the churches of Fishers Island and private donations. Financial donations are tax deductible. (Checks may be made out to “Union Chapel” with “Islanders for Islanders” in the memo line.)   The Fund is under the custody of the Trustees of Union Chapel.

Your support is a blessing to the island – thank you!